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The objective – Making life easier for people who are moving

To make life easier for customers during the complicated period of moving out, Orange called on ekino’s Experience & Service Design department to improve the customer experience throughout this journey.

  • 1673

    Customers who lived the experience

  • 400

    Customers surveyed

  • 3

    Tests of improvement levers

The challenges – How to get teams involved in a collaborative project?

The challenge was to increase customers’ satisfaction who move out through several solutions – including services, loyalty rewards, postures – that we prototyped and tested in 2 call centres. We then had to evaluate the impact of these solutions on customer satisfaction by measuring the NPS. The challenge was also to involve call centre employees in the process, as they were responsible for communicating these solutions. We implemented an agile methodology with short cycles to continuously improve our solutions.

Our solution – A multidisciplinary organization

A multidisciplinary team made up of Orange, and ekino people worked collaboratively 2 days a week on two call centres for almost 5 months. In order to test the solutions identified and aimed at improving the customer experience on the moving out journey, ekino created prototypes and artifacts for the advisors (storyboard of the targeted experience, solution sheets, memory aids, etc.), and for the team (Kanban, experience map, customer follow-up file, communication tools, etc.). A satisfaction survey was regularly conducted to observe the NPS’s evolution over time and thus measure the impact of the implemented solutions on customer satisfaction.

The results – A Net Promoter Score (NPS) multiplied by 2.5

The experiment – which consisted of testing solutions to improve the customer experience along the moving journey – resulted in a 2.5 times increase in NPS on two test call centres. Besides, the internal teams also became actors of customer satisfaction, which contributed to the acceleration of the transformation at Orange, notably due to different working methods (Agile methods). This experience also allowed us to standardize an approach that will be used towards other products.


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Bolloré Energy

Objectives – Rethinking supply supervision Bolloré Energy distributes heating oil, diesel, and gas oil to 600,000 private and professional customers worldwide. On the occasion of the technical overhaul of the main application used by its petroleum product supply service, Bolloré Energy asked ekino and MFG Labs to assist in this tool’s functional and visual design. […]

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The objective – Implementing an administrative tool for training-

Created in 1994, IPERIA is mandated by the professional branches of employees and childcare assistants of private employers to design and deploy the professionalisation offer aimed towards childcare assistants, nannies, family employees, and life assistants. Ekino assisted IPERIA in the implementation of a tool allowing the administrative division to manage their growing activity. This tool (ERP/CRM) was designed to handle the administrative aspects of training for people working in the family and home care professions.

  • 30

    Collaborators involved

  • 8

    Months of UX/UI/Technical development

  • +200

    People using the service every day

The challenges – How to implement a new IS in the complex and changing training sector?

This project’s challenge was to understand and integrate a complex and changing business to ensure a smooth transition from their old ERP to a new tool, both in terms of internal training and migration/transformation of voluminous data. To this day we continue to support them in this endeavour.

Our solution – The implementation of agile methodologies that meet regulatory constraints

Our teams supported IPERIA in the design and development of the user journeys of IPERIA’s new IS. We worked via agile methodologies to adapt to IPERIA’s fluctuating constraints related to regulations and legislations.

  • « Ekino helped IPERIA design its production tool. They brought the right mix of technical expertise and agility that we needed »

    Nicolas Pillon, Director of Information Systems

The results – An efficient tool that meets the current needs of users

We designed a modern and efficient tool that corresponds to today’s business needs and takes into consideration the current needs and future evolutions: facilitating the work of data entry and mutualising, among several users, the information to be completed, guaranteeing the exchange of information among several entities as well as the efficiency of the activity in all phases, and facilitating the follow-up and repetitive tasks to allow the business to focus on the target activity.


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The objective – To support Paradiski in improving the skier’s experience Launched in 2016, Yuge is the general public application for the Paradiski ski area, which links the Les Arcs/Peisey-Vallandry/La Plagne resorts with 425 km of slopes, ranging from 3,226 to 1,200 m in altitude. Ekino helped Paradiski build an enhanced customer experience to improve […]

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The objective – To help in the proposal of a recruitment tool in line with the market

For 10 years, Havas People was commercialising a recruitment and application management tool for internal and external use. With over 90 clients in the UK, the tool was already well established in its sector, and its functionalities continued to evolve in response to user requests. However, as the various additions were implemented without a long-term business focus, the tool became unwieldy and cumbersome. With far too many features specific to each client’s needs, it became too slow to load and react.

In addition to this, the challenges related to use, and according to different user segments, represented another challenge for a tool evolving without a proper roadmap. On the one hand, the candidates, for whom the experience had to be fluid and reflect a positive image of the company; and on the other, the HR managers and supervisors, for whom the tool had to be efficient and above all, facilitate the management of multiple daily tasks related to the follow-up of applications.

  • 2,5

    Months of project

  • 2

    Countries: France and England

  • 1

    Design Sprint week

  • 7

    Core Team ekino experts

The challenges – How to support our client in their decision-making?

With a poor user experience and a significant amount of unsuitable functionality for some clients, it became essential for Havas People to undergo an in-depth study and evaluation to opt either for a global redesign of the tool or its complete discontinuation.

Our solution – A business model with a realistic roadmap for an informed decision on financing

By mobilising two multidisciplinary expert teams based in London and Paris, ekino took on the challenge of accompanying Havas People on this mission. By identifying a business model best suited for the future tool- and its deployment roadmap – we managed to provide a solid recommendation designed to assist in the decision-making process within a timeframe of fewer than 3 months.

  • ” A quick note intended to thank you and your team – it was a great week, challenging, fun, full of exciting possibilities. ”

    Jonathon Malone, PO Engage ATS Havas People

The result – Budget release validated for tool deployment

We produced a comprehensive business model with a coherent and realistic roadmap designed to comfort interested investors in the tool’s new version. The client was satisfied with our approach and the study that we managed to conduct within such a short time frame (2.5 months in total). Ekino France and the UK ensured sound delivery and are proud of such a successful partnership: the project secured its funding, and the tool is now under development.


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The objective – Deploy new services to stand the competition The CANAL+ group mandated us to build its new API platform, thus centralising the business logic of its digital ecosystem. In an ultra-competitive market, being able to quickly deploy new services to deal with competition and constantly remain in phase with the market standards is […]

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