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The objective – Increase membership of the rewards loyalty program

Helping markets increase customer engagement and loyalty, sharing data and communication best practice to increase membership of the Starbucks Rewards loyalty program and the myStarbucks app.

  • 67%

    increase in sign-up rate off the back of our tactical campaigns

  • 12%

    more revenue for the business

  • 48%

    more customer engagement

The challenges – Use datas for a better knowledge of the members

Since 2012, Starbucks EMEA has focused on operating margin growth, seeing significant business success. However, this growth has fostered a mainly transactional relationship with its customers, and while sales went up, the brand itself was watered down. How could Starbucks use data to get to know their customers and members better ?

The EMEA region is one of the most culturally diverse regions in the world. This combined with further complications created by sub-divisions of equity markets and franchisee markets, meant that it is crucial the brand behaves differently when engaging multiple stakeholder types.

Our solution – Customer driven experience to increase engagement

Analysis of the brand challenge across the region showed us that people don’t really ‘get’ what Starbucks is truly about. Generally, people saw Starbucks as a premium, yet very transactional, brand.

Havas CX created a clearly defined role for communications by bringing to life the hidden aspects of the Starbucks brand, creating more meaning in people’s minds and building a new end-to-end customer experience. Achieving this in a highly complex region meant that a tailored communication and enablement approach was necessary to efficiently optimise the opportunity across all 43 markets.

We did this through:

  • Creating efficiency and identifying growth – modelling out market clusters, taking 43 down to four, each with its own strategic focus
  • Bespoke journeys and messaging – developing customer experiences specific to each of the clusters

We then put theory into practice across a range of channels – personalising at scale and implementing new initiatives in markets every day:

  • AR menu boards via the myStarbucks app serving personal menus and prices based on the customers’ behaviours, including previous purchases and favoured locations
  • Personal messages from a customer’s favourite store, including thank you messages from the store manager

The results – 48% more customer engagement

Through ongoing data-led optimisation of the Starbucks customer journey across EMEA, Havas CX is improving the activity of new members – activation rate has increased from 27% to 40% and these active members go on to contribute 12% more revenue for the business than non-members.

Comparative to previous campaigns, our work in segmenting audiences across EMEA has led to a 67% increase in sign-up rate off the back of our tactical campaigns, which in turn has led to gross incremental sales of £171,585 within a 2-week campaign window (significantly outperforming previous campaigns).

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The objective – A new product offering built for adaptability With 77,000 employees, and revenues in excess of $6.8bn, JLL is a global leader in the worldwide real-estate market. However, the business runs on a traditional real-estate model, with most transactions happening over the phone. In 2018, Ekino became a key strategic and delivery partner […]

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Objective – Create customer value through a better experience

All players in the transport and logistics sector have taken the digitalisation turn in order to provide ever more innovative services. In this context, Bolloré Transport & Logistics called on ekino to improve the customer experience and develop new functionalities around LINK as part of the group’s new Customer Digital Platform. LINK is Bolloré Transport & Logistics’ (BTL) track & trace tool that allows its customers from different sectors and BTL’s operational team to schedule and track international multimodal freight transport.

  • 2

    Service Design workshops

  • 8

    Design sprints in 3 months

  • 9

    Months of project

  • 14

    User interviews

The challenges – How to promote the Design approach as a vector of change management?

Our main challenges were: to promote the user-centered approach, to take into account the business needs of the different types of customers, to understand the business challenges, to use BTL’s expertise in the logistics sector and to optimise the reliability of the data as well as the market, but also to improve and optimise the ergonomics of the existing platform while maintaining all the functionalities, and to create the first components of the design system

Our solution – Support Bolloré Transport & Logistics from the stage of evangelization to the development of new interfaces

During the 9 months of project, we went through several phases, including a UX/UI audit, user research, a benchmark, several service design workshops, and 8 sprints to work on the screens and design system. The customer interface was completely redesigned based on the elements collected during the user research phase. In addition to this, accessibility and usability rules have now been applied. Finally, beyond covering the initial functional scope, we also thought of integrating other services offered by Bolloré Transport & Logistics, so as to guarantee a fluid user experience covering all business needs.

The results – A new experience that meets the expectations of users and the technical needs of the IT department

The LINK tool was refocused around key user features, such as the search function. The user experience is now more fluid and intuitive, notably due to the graphic redesign of the interfaces. The provision of the Design System’s bases allows for the IT department’s technical teams to consider, more serenely, the scalability and coherence of future developments. These results are the fruit of the commitment from the various stakeholders as well as the end users throughout a co-design approach.


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The objective – Making life easier for people who are moving To make life easier for customers during the complicated period of moving out, Orange called on ekino’s Experience & Service Design department to improve the customer experience throughout this journey. The challenges – How to get teams involved in a collaborative project? The challenge […]

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Objectives – Rethinking supply supervision

Bolloré Energy distributes heating oil, diesel, and gas oil to 600,000 private and professional customers worldwide. On the occasion of the technical overhaul of the main application used by its petroleum product supply service, Bolloré Energy asked ekino and MFG Labs to assist in this tool’s functional and visual design. The objective for this new application was to better support the department’s employees in their daily missions:

  • The daily setting of basic sales prices used by the sales agencies.
  • Management of stocks and product orders.
  • Monitoring the coverage of sales and purchases of products on the stock markets.
  • 125


  • 5

    ans de développement UX/UI/Technique

  • +220

    Personnes utilisent le service tous les jours

Challenges – How to design a tool adapted to different uses in a complex business context?

The oil market being highly fluctuating, the employees of the supply department needed personalised tools. This application had to be efficient and flexible to quickly react to unforeseen events such as a drop in oil prices or strikes at a storage site.

We faced three main challenges:

  • Understanding a complex business context between logistics and financial trading.
  • Rationalising the ecosystem of tools, transforming new uses, historically very spreadsheet-oriented, into ergonomic interfaces that allow the best possible visualisation of data.
  • Engage business teams by quickly presenting them with operational and directly implementable solutions.

Our solution – Integrate the business teams into the design process

To better understand the reality of the different business uses, and to challenge the specifications initially provided, we proposed the project teams an initial phase of observation and interviews with all the department’s employees.

Subsequently, they were fully integrated into the tool’s co-design workshops, either by participating in creating the journeys or by validating the possible solutions. The involvement of all future users in the design of the application facilitated its subsequent adoption.

  • « Ekino a accompagné IPERIA dans la conception de son outil de production. Ils y ont apporté le savant mélange d’expertises techniques et d’agilité dont nous avions besoin. »

    Nicolas Pillon, Directeur des Systèmes d’Information

The results – Improved business performance and experience

Co-creation allowed Bolloré Energy’s business teams to truly identify their functional needs. The business teams were entirely on board and convinced by the approach, thereby ensuring this new tool’s adoption once in production. We are proud to have contributed to

  • The design of complex business tools for the energy sector
  • A user-centric methodology that takes into account the needs, uses, and cognitive reality of users
  • Immersion in the business, analysis of uses and needs in the field
  • The creation of business interfaces with high stakes in the visualisation of a large quantity of data.


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The objective – Implementing an administrative tool for training- Created in 1994, IPERIA is mandated by the professional branches of employees and childcare assistants of private employers to design and deploy the professionalisation offer aimed towards childcare assistants, nannies, family employees, and life assistants. Ekino assisted IPERIA in the implementation of a tool allowing the […]

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The objective – To help in the proposal of a recruitment tool in line with the market

For 10 years, Havas People was commercialising a recruitment and application management tool for internal and external use. With over 90 clients in the UK, the tool was already well established in its sector, and its functionalities continued to evolve in response to user requests. However, as the various additions were implemented without a long-term business focus, the tool became unwieldy and cumbersome. With far too many features specific to each client’s needs, it became too slow to load and react.

In addition to this, the challenges related to use, and according to different user segments, represented another challenge for a tool evolving without a proper roadmap. On the one hand, the candidates, for whom the experience had to be fluid and reflect a positive image of the company; and on the other, the HR managers and supervisors, for whom the tool had to be efficient and above all, facilitate the management of multiple daily tasks related to the follow-up of applications.

  • 2,5

    Months of project

  • 2

    Countries: France and England

  • 1

    Design Sprint week

  • 7

    Core Team ekino experts

The challenges – How to support our client in their decision-making?

With a poor user experience and a significant amount of unsuitable functionality for some clients, it became essential for Havas People to undergo an in-depth study and evaluation to opt either for a global redesign of the tool or its complete discontinuation.

Our solution – A business model with a realistic roadmap for an informed decision on financing

By mobilising two multidisciplinary expert teams based in London and Paris, ekino took on the challenge of accompanying Havas People on this mission. By identifying a business model best suited for the future tool- and its deployment roadmap – we managed to provide a solid recommendation designed to assist in the decision-making process within a timeframe of fewer than 3 months.

  • ” A quick note intended to thank you and your team – it was a great week, challenging, fun, full of exciting possibilities. ”

    Jonathon Malone, PO Engage ATS Havas People

The result – Budget release validated for tool deployment

We produced a comprehensive business model with a coherent and realistic roadmap designed to comfort interested investors in the tool’s new version. The client was satisfied with our approach and the study that we managed to conduct within such a short time frame (2.5 months in total). Ekino France and the UK ensured sound delivery and are proud of such a successful partnership: the project secured its funding, and the tool is now under development.


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