AXA Assistance

Delivering digital change management and employee engagement through collaboration.

To bolster AXA Assistance’s existing innovation programme, we partnered to create a space for digital product innovation and culture building. Breaking global siloes and proving that the best ideas can come from anywhere.

  • New product development

  • Employee engagement

  • Change management

The business opportunity

AXA Assistance’s global innovation programme, is a key cornerstone of their employee engagement strategy and an important channel for new digital product development.

The next big idea can come from anywhere, and often it’s the employees with the greatest day-to-day customer and service exposure who will have the most valuable and accurate lightbulb moments.

Here’s how it works: 7,500 employees in 33 countries are invited to post their ideas on an intranet, create a team to develop the concept, and write a short pitch. Other employees then vote for their favourites, and the two most popular teams spend three days in workshops with the ekino team to bring their ideas firmly into the real world.

We've had a hugely productive few days - energy, ideas, and specialist skills are all around us.

Vincent Ramond,

Business Consultant

The Workshop

In the workshops, we create a physical and psychological space for teams - focused on innovation - off-site and far removed from the day-to-day, with exercises designed to facilitate design thinking and co-creation.

The Team

With a mix of cultures and diverse backgrounds, the ekino team of four led the AXA Assistance team through ekino’s Service Design Process, taking the initial idea and turning it into a tangible business asset.

The Outputs

Over the three days, we co-create a business model, visual prototype illustrating key interactions, growth hacking strategy, business case for internal engagement, and a visual identity to focus the mind.

The Outcomes

Challenges that we have co-created viable solutions for across 2015 and 2016 include:

* Increasing accessibility of AXA Assistance products and customer care for those who are deaf or hard of hearing

* Encouraging adoption of small, healthy habits, through digital coaching

* Allowing those with chronic health conditions to travel safely and comfortably abroad

The Business Benefit

The business benefits for AXA Assistance are twofold:

1. The innovation programme and workshops foster a spirit of innovation at all levels of the AXA Assistance business, and increase employee engagement globally

2. Of the six ideas that we have worked into full products over the past two years; two have gone on to become new AXA Assistance services (one in Italy, one in France)

It's incredible how quickly teams can rally around an idea once it is made tangiable.

Florian Harmel,

Head of Innovation