Redeveloping an existing application to increase security, reliability, scalability, and user satisfaction.

With new startups entering this highly competitive market, La Poste needed to maintain their leadership position by accelerating their existing product development, to meet increasingly demanding customer expectations and security standards.

  • New product development

  • Continuous improvement

  • Completely secure

The business opportunity

Launched in 2010, as a separate business unit of La Poste - Digiposte is a fully secure digital vault for the storage of payslips, invoices, statements, and certificates.

In 2012, Digiposte looked to improve the performance, flexibility, and scalability of the existing application (built with PHP), whilst decreasing technical debt, and consequently reducing the complexity and expense of product maintenance.

All of this was to be achieved via a programme of continuous improvement, changing parts of the service incrementally whilst also driving the overall roadmap.

ekino's expertise with mass-market applications, coupled with pragmatic and user-centric working methodologies drove the success of this project.

Eric Baudrillard,


The digital product

Digiposte gives end users the ability to manage all of their confidential documents online, with ease and security, including: paying bills, sending documents securely and with traceability, with documents available in archive up to 50 years.

The Digiposte strategy is to become the trusted backbone of the relationship between companies and their customers and employees. Giving the Issuers of enterprise accounts a reliable and secure vehicle for dissemination of their dematerialised documents such as invoices, payslips, and bank statements.

Our role

After a wide market review, ekino was chosen by La Poste for the Digiposte application redesign, and deployment of the new infrastructure.

Over 20 months, the multidisciplinary ekino team of 30 worked to design the new customer experience, define a new architecture, implement a schedule of improvements, and redevelop the service - switching between PHP for front-office, and Java for business layers.

The Results

With over 100,000 users, and 12 million documents stored (with 600,000 new documents per month). Digiposte is now a fully secure and stable solution that enjoys: reduced technical debt, lower service costs, increased performance, enhanced customer experience, and higher customer use.

ekino succeeded in working with us on the implementation of a new working methodology close collaboration between our teams, resulting in a reduced time to market and increased user satisfaction.

Eric Baudrillard,