Humanising complex financial investments through FinTech UCD.

Working in partnership with three startup founders, ekino developed Incube - an award winning B2C platform to encourage saving and investment.

  • New product development

  • Co-creation

  • Market disruption

The business opportunity

Historically, tax-incentivised government bonds have been the most attractive proposition for life insurance investment in France, giving a stable and reliable yield year on year.

Investment in the stock market is perceived by many casual investors as unnecessarily risky, and too complicated despite its significantly larger returns.

The Incube founders, with more than 20 years of experience in the finance industry, had an idea (and a formula!) to encourage and normalise investment in the stock market. This idea need a beautiful, human, and personalised digital experience for market adoption at scale.

Incube showcases our expertise in full-service delivery. From service conception through to release - we've been there every step of the way.

Maha Kanas,

Senior Project Manager

The Digital Product

Incube allows clients to set investment goals (known as Life Projects) such as saving for their children’s education, building up a fund for a second home, or going on holiday.

Through the platform, users set the initial amount that they would like to invest, along with the target capital return and date at which they would expect to draw down the money. Incube then calculates the most appropriate funds for investment to reach the user’s goal, according to their stated risk appetite.

Once the Project has been set up, customers can make monthly deposits, and friends and family can even contribute to goals that are most valuable to them. Incube is completely self-service - changes to Projects, payments, deposits, withdrawals - everything is available online through this simple, cross channel tool.

The Outputs

Over 18 months we co-created the Incube brand, developed a prototype, and designed, built, and deployed the entire service (both customer and supplier focused) based on extensive user research and using design thinking practices.

Our team of 10 at its peak worked in 3 week agile sprints to ensure a smooth and focused delivery.

We also embarked upon 10 user testing sessions with end users and suppliers to ensure that the service exceeded all expectations, including Incube’s.

Launching in 2017, Incube is already making waves in the insurance and investment markets in France - even winning Best Innovation at the Argus d'Or in 2016.

As a white labelled solution, Incube will give financial institutions an additional opportunity to embrace FinTech innovation in order to create robust and human relationships with their customers, all online.

Our work for Incube shows how a beautifully simple, user friendly service can really disrupt an existing market.

Florian Harmel,

Head of Innovation