Creating a new digital product to enhance brand value and increase sales.

To meet ever increasingly demanding customer expectations, we helped Renault revolutionise the automotive purchase cycle through digital hyper-personalisation - utilising multiple dynamic data integration points and 3D image rendering.

  • New product development

  • Co-creation

  • New Sales Channel

The business opportunity

The Renault Clio IV launched in 2012 with an incredible 300,000 different feature combinations.

With concession sellers limited in the number of models that could be displayed in-store, Renault looked to take a different approach to vehicle sales across the entire digital customer journey.

A digital product was required to support sales through to purchase; increasing the number of sales leads, improving conversion, and allowing concession vendors to present all configurations without the physical vehicle present in-store.

ekino’s Agile methodology meant it was possible to bring our teams closer so they could collaborate, and respect deadlines to deploy the first pilot.

Raphaëlle Are,

Renault Digital Factory

The Digital Product

We created a B2C and B2B2C 3D car configurator for use in-store and at-home - in order to accompany the customer at every stage of their buying journey. The configurator works seamlessly across Desktop (web), Tablet, Mobile, and Interactive terminals in-store. Using real time data integration from multiple complex sources, to ensure the daily accuracy of: price, special offers, finance models, features, and the latest vehicle configurations. 3D images for each configuration are dynamically generated in real-time through integration with an external API. Completed configurations can also be saved and accessed by the customer at a later point, either in-store or at home.

The Outputs

Renault engaged ekino for the full end-to-end development of the product, including: digital consultancy, conceptual co-creation, prototyping, design and development, API Integration, data management, and testing.

The Renault Car Configurator enjoys 4,000 users per month, with over 200,000 configurations performed to date in-store, and over 100,000 downloads of the app. Online, 12% of all visitors to the main Renault site site browse the car configurator with an average dwell time of 11 minutes."

After the product launch, visits increased by 14%, with an incredible 286% increase in leads!

Raphaëlle Are,

Renault Digital Factory